Registered Charity No. 1228
Registered Charity No. 1228


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03/11/2019 - Pigeon Shot With Dart


Around 15.45 on Sunday the third of November we collected a pigeon from Pulrose who had been shot with a metal hunting dart. If you have any information about who did this, please contact PC John Hills on 631212. 

19/08/2019 - Appeal for Information After Shot Bird of Prey Dies


We had a very upsetting case last week (Tuesday, August 13) when we received a phonecall about a sparrowhawk in Ballure, Ramsey, who had been sitting on the ground for most of the day. Our volunteers collected the bird, who sadly died shortly after. When we examined the body, we discovered a shot wound in the bird’s side. We immediately reported this to the wildlife crime unit and DEFA, who collected the body, had it examined by a veterinary surgeon and confirmed that the bird had been shot with an air rifle. 

The bird was a juvenile female who was in very good body condition until her life was brutally ended. It is illegal to shoot a sparrowhawk or any bird of prey, and we were horrified to discover that birds of prey are being shot and killed on the Isle of Man. This bird suffered for hours before she died - the air rifle pellet went right through her body and she also suffered from broken bones when she fell to the ground. 

Please help to bring the person who did this to justice - if you have any information about anyone shooting in Ballure on 13/08/2019, or find any injured or dead birds of prey, please get in touch or contact the police directly.

20/03/2019 - Thank You to The Stars Group! 


We want to say a huge thank you to The Stars Group for helping to fund our new 18ft aviary. Jo-Anne Barron and Colm Andrew from The Stars Group visited the aviary this week to accept a plaque from volunteers David Cole and Aimee Teare  as a token of our gratitude. They also met the aviary’s current inhabitant, Sally the sick swan.

12/02/2019 - Mystery Magpie Malady


We have responded twice in two days to reports of magpies in convulsions in Main Road in Onchan. Both birds have both made remarkable recoveries but we ask members of the public to keep their eyes open for birds in distress, lying on the ground appearing dead or dead birds in the area and Contact Us if they find any. We have reported the incident to DEFA and to the Isle of Man Constabulary Wildlife Crime Unit so they can investigate whether there has been any careless or malicious use of poison in the area - please contact them if you have any relevant information. 

08/02/2019 - Oiled Guillemot Found


An oiled guillemot was found on Castetown beach and is now in our care. Please look out for other oiled birds and Contact Us if you find any. Guillemots do not come onto beaches unless something is very wrong with them, so never try to herd them back into the water or it could lead to their death. 

22/01/19 - Amazing Work by Peel Clothworker’s Pupils


Well done to the children at Peel Clothworker’s School for raising an amazing £116.40 for us! We’ll soon have lots of hungry baby birds to feed and this money will help to keep them full and happy. 

 15/01/19 - Blackbird LK10581 goes shopping!

On the 19/12/18 one of our volunteers responded to a call from M&Co in Douglas - a blackbird had flown into their store and couldn’t get out. Our volunteer rescued the bird, who had a ring on. We checked her over and released her. We sent the ring number (LK10581) away to the BTO and have just found out that the bird was one of our own hand-reared babies that we had ringed on the 19/06/18! She was soft-released from our aviary at Victoria Road, Douglas on the 12/07/18. It's great to know that she’s all grown up and surviving out in the world - we just hope she stays away from shops from now on!

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