Registered IoM Charity No. 1228
Registered IoM Charity No. 1228

Help! I’ve found a bird! 

If the bird is severely injured and clearly requires humane euthanasia, please take them straight to your nearest vet if possible. You will not be charged. 

My cat has caught a bird


A bird’s feathers can hide terrible injuries, and birds caught by cats usually die within 48 hours from blood poisoning if they have even a tiny invisible puncture from a cat’s tooth, so please Contact Us immediately for advice rather than just releasing the bird. The bird will need first aid and antibiotics as soon as possible if they are to survive. 


I’ve found a sick or injured bird

If it is safe to do so, catch the bird and put them in a box somewhere safe, dark and quiet then Contact Us for more advice.  If the bird is mobile, try to herd them into a corner and then throw a towel or blanket over them. This will calm them down and protect you from being pecked or clawed. Hold them well away from your face in case they lash out, and wash your hands after handling them. 


Sending us a photo or video of the bird will help us assess the situation and give appropriate advice. We will normally ask you to bring the bird to one of our rehabilitators in Castletown or Peel. If you can not do this, we will try to find a volunteer to come out to you. 

I've found a baby bird

Contact Us for help if you’ve found a sick or injured baby bird. Otherwise, click one of the options below. 

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